dK remix out now! /2010-05-25/
Gary went through hell alive to provide a tearing hardcore remix for our friends at dK, now available at their website! If you ever wondered how vocal EBM and hardcore would sound when mixed together, this is your chance! The two tracks will be also out on a Sonic Dissent release as well soon.
Isoljator remix /2010-04-07/
We've been silent for a while, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening in the meantime! We're working on two releases separately: Gary has an upcoming four-track EP and has also been producing remixes for a variety of people. His hardstyle remix for Kewlers' famous Isoljator has been recently released: Check it out on SoundCloud or watch the promotional video also featuring the same track! We're hoping to get the releases out there as soon as possible, so keep track of us!
Welcome to Sonic Dissent! /2009-07-31/
Hi. Welcome to Sonic Dissent, our new upstart hardcore netlabel. Our intention is to cover the fairly uncharted territory of providing free, quality hardcore music for the masses and the classes. With that in mind, we released our first EP, "Enemies of the State" - and we hope many will follow. Enjoy and CRANK IT UP!